Little Anna’s Travels

“The sea, the great unifier”

Jacques-Yves Cousteau


When I published first Little Anna’s drawing from Sea Glossary, I had an idea – I must try to make it even more alive. I have to crochet her.

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Demand your own Little Anna doll.

Little Anna has to travel the seas, to travel the world. So I tried my best and here they are – unique Little Annas that anyone of you can have, if you like. I want these crocheted Sea Princesses to find many new owners all around the world.

“The sea that divides countries and continents is also a connecting pathway .. . By offering a space of communication and exchange, the sea connects different poles and nations .. .”

Marie-Claire Beaulieu, The Sea in The Greek Imagination

Little Anna is the ambassador for the salty side of the world

So I’m willing to create Little Annas and send it to you, and you, and you too. All I want back is your promise that you will take her to the sea or ocean, that you will go with her to the beach and take a sea-selfie of Little Anna. & Send it to me.

Beach Books Blog will be so salty with all those pictures of Little Anna enjoying her time by many different seas all around our blue planet! Just to show, how beautiful it’s salty side is! Seas don’t divide us. “Sea, the great unifier,” once said Jacques-Yves Cousteau. I really believe in that. And want to make it vivid with these beautiful Little Annas that I create with all my love.

Let’s Map the Seas!

PS I would crochet them anyway, so why not to let them leave my Sea Studio and travel the seas! So – if you want to be the guardian of her, and you promise to take her to the sea or bay or lagoon or ocean – let me know 🙂 or here in comments.

True Travel Talisman ❤

I love Vivienne Westwood! 2010 is not an out of date season for me. It’s a true inspiration. When Dame Westwood was very young (although she is forever young), she worked as a teacher and was far away from fashion world. But she always knew that there is something behind that thick curtain of life as she knew it, there is something more, and she had to make a scary jump in the dark unknown to reach the other side of the curtain. She even spent one year living in a trailer with both her little sons, knitting and reading all day and sending her kids to museums instead of schools, that she couldn’t afford for that year. I learned a lot from her biography book, written by Ian Kelley and herself. Do read, if you can! I learned her love for the culture, love for the books, the never ending curiosity, but mostly – the courage to trust. & be yourself.
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