If I Were A Book



“My books (which do not know that I exist)
are as much part of me as is this face…”

Jorge Luis Borges, My Books

The theme of weekly photo challenge, reflecting, made me to think of what in the outer world reflects our inner world. Each human being is a unique chemical and magical alloy of elements that makes us so diverse and beautiful. To be in your element means to be who you are. I am in my element when I read a book. I’m so in love with so many aspects of a book, that I dare to say – book is one of my reflections.

That’s what I thought yesterday, but couldn’t find a good photo to show my idea, so I left it to linger in my mind. Until today my mom came to visit and gave me a gift – a book that in an instant became one of my very few golden books. And now I have photos to pair with my message.

Although my book is in Latvian, you can find it in English too with the same beautiful illustrations. It is called If I Where A Book and created by writer Jose Jorge Letria and artist Andre Letria, both from Portugal. It was published in Portuguese six years ago, but now it has come out in Latvian translation, published by liels un mazs.

I’m in love with it.

“If I were a book, I’d share my deepest secrets with my readers.”

“Books were the greatest single influence on [Oscar] Wilde’s life and writings. He sometimes referred to the volumes that most affected and charmed him as his “golden books”. These were the books that revolutionized his conception of the world, the books in which he recognized and aspect of himself for the first time.”

Thomas Wright, Oscar’s Books, 2008
“If I were a book, I’d capture you with my captivating tales.”
“If I were a book, I would not like to be read out of obligation.”
“If I were a book, I’d be happy to wind up on a desert islands with a passionate reader.”

“Poetry for him [for John Keats], as Andrew Motion has said, was “both a lovely escape from the world and a form of engagement with it.” It was not about prettiness, elegance or decoration, but, in Motion’s phrase, “a parallel universe”, whose reality was truer and deeper than anything in the world more immediately to hand. Poetry gave access to a kind of Platonic grandeur, an underlying reality which everyday material life obscured and concealed.”

Adam Nicolson, The Mighty Dead: Why Homer Matters, 2014
“If I were a book, I’d want to grow and grow and to become a library.”

“Wilde also thought that books could smash into a million pieces the unified and monolithic ego of the reader…”

Thomas Wright, Oscar’s Books, 2008



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  1. What a wonderful take on this weeks challenge… I think I may have to try and find that book… in English I hope.

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  2. Ahh, this reminds me to read more books!


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