True Pearl in a Shell

Photo by my sis

via Daily Prompt: Harmony

For two long weeks I was cocooned in my house. Both boys had a bad flu. Lots of worries, but lots of fun too. Staying home day after day, building lego cities and playing all games we could imagine. My oldest one draw two thick comic books! While my own creativity was blown out like a candle, without possibility to go outside, take long walks, visit the seaside. But I started to enjoy this period as soon as my kids were feeling better. It was like diving after pearls. When you lose your usual routine, when the things you love to do on your own are put aside, you have lots of time to observe yourself from a distance. You dive under the surface in the dim blue world, that is vast but claustrophobic at the same time, and search for something on the ground deep down between green seaweed and nasty sharp rocks. If you are alert and lucky enough, you can find a pearl of harmony, that is always within you no matter what. Between the ego bricks and lego cities. In that silent ocean between two thoughts. I’m glad I did find mine.



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  1. A very good post. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. 靠山,山会倒。靠水,水会流。不如靠自己。靠人的一把手,不如靠人一张嘴巴。靠人的嘴巴,还是靠自己的手。命运是在自己掌握在手里,不是在人嘴巴里。lm Sorry. Depend Mountain, The Mountains will fall. Depend water, The water will flow. Still in by yourself. By the other hands ,still in at other mouth. At other mouth. Still is by hand yourself. Fate is in their own hands, not in the mouth of others.Thank you your post and Best regards.

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  3. Silent ocean between two thoughts: profound!
    One of the meditation techniques (which you may know) is to watch ones thoughts and pay attention to the gaps in between: the thought-less state. I believe you are alluding to it.
    Great post!

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