Sunset Surprise Set

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAvia Photo Challenge: Surprise

Sea is never the same to me. Each time I go to the beach, it surprises me with something different. The same about sunsets. Almost every evening I sit on the wooden steps of my veranda and watch the most beautiful show in the world. The sunset. It is never a cliche for me. So often sun, sky and clouds with colors so silent, sometimes so loud, surprises me for real with the view so surreal. Before the sun goes to sleep in her salt water bed behind the woods, we can experience the play of the gods.

“The nearness of the sea opens up the sky.”

Philip Hoare, The Sea Inside, 2013

This set of 10 sunsets is a selection from March and April nights.




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  1. So beautiful! The sea never ceases to amaze me as well.

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  2. ,, an ever changing canvas – Love nature —

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  3. Too many beautiful night time skies to howl at 🙂 Hoooooowl

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