Salty Sunday: Sea Glossary #10

To celebrate the 10th Salty Sunday with Little Anna and her loyal and royal friend – dog Ulysses, I chose the most famous description of the sea in Homer’s epics.

In previous weeks the sea was tumultuous, murmuringfish-filled, Little Anna traveled the watery ways of the sea and saw a divinely bright sea. Our friends rode the beautiful broad back of the sea and felt safe, but one Sunday Little Anna embraced how wet is the sea! She even contemplated the silent deep-flowing Ocean. One night Little Anna was in her bed, but still heard the far-thundrering shore.

This week the sea is famously wine-dark. Although there is so much wine and so much blood in Homer’s Iliad, it is still an unsolved mystery, why exactly he described the sea like that. There are many theories. One proposes that ancient Greeks didn’t see the blue color. They didn’t have a name for it too. But those are just theories. Who knows what is the answer.

I would love to share a great article, written by Caroline Alexander. One and a half years ago she published her translation of Iliad, becoming the first woman who has done that. I really admire her work. In an article for Lapham’s Quarterly she shares her knowledge on the mystery of Homer’s wine-dark sea.

I know, I know, it’s bad to litter the sea, but let’s close our eco eyes for a moment to let some romantic magic of message in a wine bottle happen…


While taking sea notes from books I read, I have a growing list of words – how writers describe sea. My first list is from Homer’s “Iliad” – almost 3000 years old book. I found more than 20 different words, how Homer describes the sea. Each and every Salty Sunday I publish a new word from my list. I chose 20 words and now we are halfway there!

The true power of the Sea Glossary will be vivid later, when Little Anna will have a collection of so many words, how to describe the sea, by many different writers. Linguistic fabric of the sea.

Till next Sunday!

Who is Little Anna and what is her Sea Glossary?



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  1. A wine-dark sea. Have you seen that one yet? 😉

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