Outside Outside

Neil Young. On The Beach. 1974. Album cover

Winter is over and days are getting longer and longer and I linger and linger outside till it’s too late to stay and bye bye green grass blue sky white sand I say, bye bye sea, see you tomorrow I say. Sun sank in the sea, stars started, and we all went to sleep in the warm womb of our house. At home heart hears rustling birches, pines and reeds, hears late night birds and waves on the beach, sees wind in meadow through my window, and I suddenly know how – to live in the now.




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  1. Yes for course ‘SUN’ time is up,say bye bye. See tomorrow. But never mind have ‘sunshine’here. Why happened, why you rich, why you can see, why you will talk, why do you have a meal, why do you want to get married, why do you have children, why do you house is so big, why are you driving car is so expensive, many why why? Who can help and who am I…

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  2. mumsthewordblog1 April 8, 2017 — 05:04

    Lucky you… here down under we are heading into Winter although the sun is shining today 😃

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  3. Spring Festival, spring bloom.Sunny and sunny.All the good just yesterday drunk, linght bitter taste is today`s taste. Think of tomorrom is the sun blowing And then tired and tired again. The pain of the body, so i can not sleep. The foot of the road there are more tired. No regrets from regret.Rainbow so norous rose.(Feel like mom) winter and sunshine i like sunshine No choice,sunny or rainy.Thank you

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  4. Some Neil Young and the beach. Ahh 🙂

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  5. Oooo… I`m so sorry anyway same look (‘I’ or ‘I’) same big ‘I’ and small ‘i’ . I hope all has been well with you and your family lately.

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  6. , love the “throw back” unbrella 🙂

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  7. …and you know how to live in the now”
    Your words seem to carry your thoughts across through the readers eyes to their being, Anne.

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