The Same Sea, Ever-changing


How are you these days? I’m shedding my skin. No wonder I saw a snake in my dream last night. Spring is the season where you transform from a winter dweller into a summer dweller. You shed your skin. Before I fell in love with the sea so deeply, I thought about the beach mostly in summer, in those hot and sun-filled days when most of us dream about some seaside fun.

“I am made and remade continually.”

Virginia Woolf, The Waves, 1931

This has been my first year (from spring to spring) when I have visited sea as much as I could in all four seasons. In a good weather, in a bad weather. I still haven’t seen it at a pitch black night, and in a super storm when the waves lick and cover all of the beach. But I did celebrate the summer solstice by the sea and I have stood there in minus degrees Celsius this winter with a blasting wind throwing sand and tiny ice particles in my teeth and face.

Forever happy.

Yesterday we went to the seaside dressed in winter jackets, wrapped in woolen scarves. We saw the beach hiding in milky fog and listened to the roaring gray waves. Today I got my face tanned and the sea greeted us in a completely different outfit, in the color of blue jeans. I adore her ever-changing nature. As much as I love my place and time, right here, right now. Between the stroller, filled with books, and my youngest playing in sand, and with a white feather in my hand.


“I am rooted, but I flow.
All gold, flowing.”

Virginia Woolf, The Waves, 1931


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  1. I love Woolf and that smiling shot of you is just gorgeous and happy, o summer dweller x

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    • Except for some school reading, I hadn’t read her books from cover to cover. March was my Woolf month, I read her “To the Lighthouse” and it seems that her voice will be with me in April as well. I started her “The Waves” today. ❤

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      • You had Woolf in school? That is heavy. There are many authors I appreciate now much more than I did when I was young. Some of them are to be savoured as you mature I think. But then again second readings bring new perspectives into play. One of the worlds I am currently occupying is that of Mrs. Dalloway. Woolf had such a way with words. I have read ‘To the Lighthouse’ but hardly remember much so I have to go re-read it.

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      • I should read Mrs. Dalloway. And yes, I really love how she writes and how well she portrays what we feel and what we think. All I had was stereotypes that Woolf is depressive and heavy, but it all disappeared as I started to read. Yes, there is a bit of melancholy and sadness, but the text is light and flowing. When you open a well-known book, most likely you will tear some stereotypes in pieces. For example I really love and enjoy reading Joyce’s Ulysses. But so many “myths” and “legends” surround it. You never know, until you try it yourself…


  2. Virginia Woolf! I fell in love with her Orlando, but I have yet to read her other books. Your visits to the seaside sound so beautiful – I wouldn’t necessarily say idyllic, but it sounds so peaceful and turbulent.

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    • Orlando is on my list. My journey through “sea books” is full of surprises. I didn’t really know that sea had such an important role in Woolf’s life and memories and in some of her books. It is a personal discovery for me. The same with the seaside. Each visit is a surprise. Sometimes it is really calm in my yard, no wind, but by the sea there are loud waves playing around. You never know… 🙂

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      • I’m sure! Woolf has had some extraordinary inspirations and experiences that bleed through in her stories. And like you say – both sea and seaside are equally unpredictable too.

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  3. Beautiful pictures by the way. Nice post.

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  4. , love the changing moods — of the sea

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  5. Beautiful description, Anna. You will make me fall in love with the sea, like one falls in love with a person hearing all great things about them (have you ever? I have!) 🙂
    Virginia Wolf- her books have been on my list. I will get to at least one soon.

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