Little Anna on Tonquin Beach

Greetings from Little Anna #2! Here is a photo of her on Tonquin Beach, in Tofino. That’s in British Columbia, Canada. Although it rains, the wild view looks so sublime. Thank you, Amanda! The rightful owner of Little Anna #2. Check out her beautiful 35mm color photograpy blog The Sweet Beach. She hunts the best beaches on the planet and captures the fleeting seaside moments on her camera. I’m so happy to see Little Anna traveling the seas!

Little Anna travels the seas!

If you want to have your own Little Anna & if you promise to send me her sea selfies, just let me know! I will crochet her with all my love.

Soon I’m sending out more than five Little Annas to many seaside places of the world in Australia, Europe and USA. Two are still on their long postal journey to Hong Kong and Philippines. Getting there any time soon, I hope! 



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  1. Oh that’s such a gorgeous location! I love BC

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    • Yes, it was so inspiring for me to see that it is possible. To see my Little Anna on a distant beach far away from my home 🙂 Who knows how many dolls will be sent around the world and how many places Little Anna will visit this year. Sea unites


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