Ancient Sandbox


Even thousands of years ago children played in the sand by the sea. Homer compares one fight scene in the Iliad with kids building and destroying sand castles on the beach. It’s written almost three thousand years ago. When my first son was born, we lived in a crowded city and visited a playground in the park. Although it was fine and fun, I feel fortunate to take my youngest now to the most beautiful sandbox in the world. This lonely and colorful slide in the middle of the vast and otherwise wild beach looks really surreal. Sometimes I see the traces that during a stormy night the sea had reached it. For my boy and other kids it is the best place in the whole world. Even the freezing cold wind yesterday didn’t steal the happiness. Can’t wait for the summer to build a sand castle on the edge of the sea.

“…as a child tumbles sand by the sea,
who when in his childish way had made his play-castle,
sweeps it away again with his feet and hands, still playing…”

Homer, Iliad, 730 B.C.




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  1. mumsthewordblog1 March 31, 2017 — 09:15

    Looks like a fabulous beach! Sometimes it’s better when colder – less people 😜

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