Symbiosis from Greek means “living together” – when two unlike organisms live together side by side and thrive from mutual relationship. Is it really mutual? Between me and the sea. Does the sea get something good from me too? I suppose she could do without me pretty well. Like billions of years before. But at the same time I feel that it is a true sea-mbiosis. Since I read so much what other writers have seen in the sea, what words have they used to describe its mesmerizing mysteries, I see so much more than before. My vision gets better and better. Today I saw waves. A year ago I thought they all were quite similar and monotonous, although very beautiful. Only recently I discovered that there are many, many kinds of waves. Some of the rarest are even hunted by surfers all over the world. Today the first impression was that sea plays hundreds of pianos. A pianist puts both his hands in the middle of the keyboard and starts to play, one arm slides to the left, the other – to the right, fingers move, music comes. When you look at a wave, at least at these kinds of waves that I saw today, at first there is white foam in the middle of it, and then it extends to both sides like a long white keyboard before disappears completely and then a new one comes. I also danced waltz with the sea today. As I tried to catch the golden shimmering of shallow waters on my camera, I had to be careful not to wet my feet. I came closer and closer, took a photo and then a flat wave pushed me a few steps back before I could approach it again. I danced with the sea today and enhanced my vision to really see. And somewhere deep down I know the sea loves that we care – somewhere deep down in the sea.




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  1. “Is it really mutual? Between me and the sea. ” it is somehow. 🙂

    ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. Beautiful post! I love how you can talk about the sea every time, yet it’s different. And there is so much honesty and truth in it that touches the reader.
    Imagine a sea with no admirers, starting out. And then one with some. Then someone like you, especially like you!
    You coined another term “sea-mbiosis” 😊

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    • Yeah, I always love to play with words and make up new ones… 🙂 Thank you so much for the comment. Honesty is not an easy way although it’s simple. But to take off what is not meant for you and to leave what’s true, feels so good. I have a “painting” on my wall that I made 3 or 4 years ago with “This is true” written on it. Although I changed my life just two years ago, it all started right there I suppose…

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