Garden in the Night

Photography by Craig Boyko
No better illustration for my dream than this amazing artwork The Wisdom of the Universe (2014) by Christi Belcourt, a Métis visual artist. Please see more on her website.

Last night I saw an amazing dream. I have to share it with you, because it filled me with such a raw energy. In the dream someone shows me some rooms, it feels like watching a theater, people talk, people fight, tidy up their rooms, all kind of ordinary stuff. We walk through unnoticed. That someone who guides me, tells that it’s just one way of looking at things, one way of living. I can’t really explain, how to describe it, you usually can’t put in words what you experience in a dream. But what we saw felt like living your life from a hierarchically  higher position. Like all those people gave orders to each other. In a more or less subtle way, but those still were orders. To kids, to wives and husbands, to friends and colleges. Some kind of CEO living, taking control of everything. Then suddenly all those rooms disappeared like stage decorations and we stood in complete darkness. Pitch black night. Step by step we continued to walk and soon I realized that we are outside, it’s something like a garden. Very beautiful, a bit wild, but it’s night, and all those flowers looked so very beautiful. Dark red, violet, indigo, with dark green leaves. Garden in the night. So full of scents and summer night sounds. So full of life, so ripe and fertile, but dark as a fertile ground. I felt such a raw energy which filled me with creative freedom and unconditional love. That someone told me, we all can be like this. Like a beautiful garden, full of potential energy, full of love and life. Garden just grows and you appreciate its beauty, its surprises and gifts. You walk through it and enjoy what you see. You don’t give orders to flowers, you care about them, but you let them grow in many different colors, forms and scents. Just the way they are. It was strange and amazing dream. I woke up with a feeling that instead of those well-lit rooms, where you give (love-filled?) orders to others, you can become a vast field of garden in the night, full of creative energy, full of ripe love. You can embrace everything around you like garden embraces its flowers and plants. The dream was full of symbols and possible meanings, this is just my own interpretation, but it inspired me like a bolt of lightning energy. Anytime I want I can close my eyes and whisper to myself “I am a garden in the night.”



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  1. My most frequent dream would place me back in high school. The bell is ringing to change classes. I cannot remember my locker combination or what my next class is or how to get to it. All of my biggest life fears rolled into one with the annoying bell ringing and the stress increasing. You have awesome dreams. And I love the illustration you chose.

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    • These awesome dreams are like rare gifts. Not more often than once every two months. Sometimes often, but it’s rare. It’s interesting that I didn’t have these beautiful dreams when I worked my ass off in my job that I left. Only last two years I see them and enjoy the energy they give me. But I have those frequent dreams as well. Not to be able to run fast etc. 🙂

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