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Do you know who you are? What’s yours and what is not? What is left when you close your eyes and ears? When you sit in deep silence and listen. Where do you come from? What your roots tell about you? Sometimes it’s not so easy to answer. Sometimes you think you know, but after a while it turns out it was just an illusion. Like a mirage in the desert. You come close enough and suddenly see – there’s really nothing there. It’s been a long way to discover myself. But it’s still a daily job to say “no” to good-looking mirages that appear on the horizon now and then. Not to try to prove anything to anyone. It’s been a strange week, but today I spent all morning outside of the house raking old leaves and raking away everything I don’t need. Deep inside there’s me, my family, my house in the middle of coastal jungle, my books, my yellow typewriter, my dream and the sea. It’s simple as that, yet not always easy to be honest with yourself. Not to fall in traps, not to follow mirages. It will sound funny and a bit rude, but my litmus paper that helps to see more clearly in those damn dim days, is to say f*ck it, and check what disappears like ghostly smoke on a windy day and what stays. And here I am, sitting on the beach, listening. The sea silently shares her salty stories with me, and I write them down in my little blue notebook. I can’t find the right words to describe my feelings toward the sea and seaside. There’s something ancestral, yet deeply mine at the same time. It fuels me. My mission, my passion. Then I go back home, blend with my jungle where I feel so good as a tree with deep roots, twig fingers touching the golden cheek of sun, and love my loved ones. As simple as that.


PS In fact this was a long prelude to say that I deleted my Twitter and Instagram accounts. If someone of you followed them. It’s been two years since I left Facebook, and to think that Beach Books Blog needs additional social media, was a mirage. I loved my life before these accounts, it steels my precious time, that I prefer to spend outside of the house or inside my house but without digital distractions. You know where to find me 🙂 Anytime you want ❤



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  1. Beautifully written, Anna. Your life does sound like out of the pages of Nicholas Sparks films. If you know what I mean. A yellow typewriter sounds darned neat.

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  2. Love this post.
    Visiting your blog feels like having a mini-beach vacation in the gentle bright twilight!

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  3. 😥 😥 😥

    I was looking for you in IG then suddenly i can’t see you, i was so worried.

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    • Everything is fine, my dear! I just don’t feel comfy in Social media, I love it here very very much. And I will publish each and every photo of each and every Little Anna right here! ❤ I really hope she will be soon with you. I'm a bit worried!!! 🙂

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    • After two years without any social media, I fell in love with being here and now with everything I do and see. Now I created IG & Twitter and became really dizzy from so much pics and infos. It took my time and precious energy. It took my freedom to live as I want – slowly and deeply ❤

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  4. Whatever it is. ❤ ❤ ❤ (hugs)

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  5. beautifully written. i loved it

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