Sea & Sky

In medieval times some thought that there was another ocean over our heads. Today was such a beautiful day with big blue sky and white fluffy clouds. The sea was in the color of blue jeans and pushed small waves to the coastline, smiling white foam smiles here and there. I looked up and remembered Richard Jefferies, English nature writer from 19th century. There is one quote about him in the book I showed you yesterday. While noticing how white clouds resemble white sea foams and vice versa, I recalled that Jefferies once said:

“To me everything is supernatural” as he lay on his back on the downs “so as to feel the embrace of earth”, imagining the sky was the sea.

Philip Hoare, The Sea Inside, 2013




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  1. Another ocean over our heads! Why that is a beautiful thought. I like the way they exercised their imagination in the medieval ages hey 🙂

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    • There is more. Let me quote 🙂 Really strange idea… “One medieval chronicler related how a congregation came out of church to find an anchor snagged on a gravestone. Its line ran taut to the clouds, from which a man descended, only to be suffocated by the dense air as if he were drowning.” So we live in an underwater world where ocean surface is our sky… Strange idea it is.

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  2. Love the post. And breathtaking pictures- you seemed to have captured the soul of the sky!
    It just struck me: you are me are both ocean lovers in a way. You love the one below, and I the one above 🙂

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  3. Lovely post! The pictures are breathtaking.

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