Let’s Fall in Love with Water


“Jack Goes Boating” 2010
Philip Seymour Hoffman

Today is the World Water Day. There is one movie that made me to promise myself that I will learn to swim. No, I can swim, but more like a human frog. Jack Goes Boating is a really sweet romantic comedy directed by Philip Seymour Hoffman, and starring Hoffman in the title role. The film’s script was written by Robert Glaudini, based on his 2007 play Jack Goes Boating. What’s interesting – film’s cast was mostly the same as the cast of the play’s premiere . It’s a story of making decisions that inspire you to become a better person. It’s a story of trusting yourself, trusting your vision of what you want to learn and achieve. Not looking so much how others live, because sometimes the seeming paradise gardens, your role models, have the shadiest corners. Jack is a shy limousine driver who meets a woman. She has a dream to go boating in summer, but Jack is afraid of water, he can’t swim. So he spends all winter in a pool and learns to feel safe in water and to take control of his body. As a result he slowly takes control of his life as well.




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  1. Thalassophile great word!

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