“Paddle-to-the-Sea” 1966
Bill Mason

At Lake Nipigon, Canada, a native boy has a dream to reach the sea, but he lives very far away and rather high above the sea level. So he has an idea. He carves a wooden model of an Indian in a canoe. On its side he roughly carves the words “Please put me back in the water. I am Paddle-to-the-Sea” and on spring, when the snow melts and makes little streams of water, he sets it free to travel the Great Lakes to the Atlantic ocean, it’s a thrilling voyage across the waves and rapids of North America. The story follows the progress of the little wooden Indian on its journey.

paddle to the sea_2

This little and absolutely wonderful movie was released in 1966 and nominated for an Academy Award. It didn’t win an Oscar but it definitely won my heart. Paddle-to-the-Sea is based on a children’s book with the same title. It was published in 1941 by an American author and artist Holling C. Holling with his own watercolor illustrations. I hope I’ll add this beautiful book to my Sea Library one day. This movie resonated with who I am on a very deep level. I believe many has seen it already, but if you haven’t, please do. Last year it celebrated its 50th anniversary.





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  1. Harold Rhenisch March 21, 2017 — 22:33

    Do you know the story of how Gunnar Gunnarsson, as a small boy, was given a walnut for Christmas in East Iceland, then floated half of its shell down the pastorage stream, running along beside it, dreaming of going to sea in a boat like that and conquering the world… and at 17 he did, off to Denmark, where he wrote all those great books, including, if you haven’t seen it, his book about taking a cruise to Atlantis?

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  2. Harold Rhenisch March 21, 2017 — 22:37

    You can see the German edition halfways down here, after Vikivaki…

    If you haven’t seen it, Strand des Lebens is an exquisite, and heart-wrenching, book about the sea. (Livets Strand).

    Be prepared to weep.

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