“the sea is to be heard all through it”


“I am making up “To the Lighthouse””, Virginia Woolf wrote in her diary on 27 June 1925, “the sea is to be heard all through it”.

This is the book I’m reading right now. I love to notice, how writers express the same old questions in different words. I believe that language is our way to find new pockets how to see and understand the world around us. In my #1 Sea Essay To See the Sea I collected quotes where authors describe the magnetic need to stand there on the shore and look at the sea.

I think I will add this one too:

“They came there regularly every evening drawn by some need. It was if the water floated off and set sailing thoughts which had grown stagnant on dry land, and gave to their bodies even some sort of relief. First, the pulse of colour flooded the bay with blue, and the heart expanded with it and the body swam…”

Virginia Woolf, To the Lighthouse, 1927





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  1. When we get through thoughts of another writer ,I think vision of our thoughts get wide

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  2. Definitely sounds like a great read.

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  3. Love Virginia Woolf have you read Jacobs Room?

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    • No, I haven’t, but I definitely will! She is one of those writers that you have heard so much about but never read. Except for some school assignments many years ago. I ordered her “Waves”, will read that next.

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      • If you read about her you’ll earn a greater understanding of the writing. Incidentally remember she typeset her words for the first print. She was conscious of this when she formed her sentences. Leonard her husband loved the Hogarth Press and felt the printing press bound them together. The original editions now sell for 70-80 thousand pounds.

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      • Actually that’s how I was reminded of her. I read this summer an amazing book about Ulysses and how forbidden it was and in one chapter there was a story how Sylvia Beach tried to make a deal and to print it in Hogarth Press. But Virginia was one of those who hated Ulysses. But after some years she was inspired by the way how it’s written and some say this “To the Lighthouse” is one of her books that show this inspiration. But I didn’t know much about her and her love to the sea, and this book in picture above has a great introduction. I enjoyed it. Will read more and more about her 🙂 Sad story but so talented writer.


      • The wonderful gift few see is that inspire of her depression, Mrs Woolf produced her unique and to me, beautiful work.

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