Full Moon Magic

Morondava beach. A woman from the Vezo nomadic fishing communities of Western Madagascar. Photo: @christinamittermeier; @natgeo & @conservationorg

I saw such a wonderful dream last night. I think I have to tell you, because it resembles so much of what I’m writing on Beach Books Blog.

I am in a room, it looks like from jazz age, the music sounds, room is in brown and green colors, striped wallpapers, people dancing in heavy clothes, dresses from thick fabric, the air feels stuffy and full of cigarette smokes. It’s fun and alright but somehow too crowded and foggy. Suddenly a man comes in and says: “You can’t continue like that! Come outside!” We all go out of the room and end up on a beautiful white beach by the turquoise blue sea. It’s a beautiful sunny day. So much space and air to breathe. Such an amazing place to be. The mysterious man says that we all have to get rid of our heavy and thick clothes and dive into the sea. Under the water we will find beautiful silk scarfs and fabrics. We all go into the water, dive into the blue sea and one by one bring out those scarfs, they are not wet anymore, they are dry, lightweight and colorful, such amazing bright colors – yellow, red, covered in tribal patterns. And we all wrap ourselves in them, it feels so much lighter than those dark heavy dresses. It feels so damn good! So I woke up with this wonderful feeling of leaving old beliefs behind and embracing neglected values. When we limit, restrict, deny, or avoid the truth of our heart, we become a fragmented expression, and we separate from our hearts. Let’s dive into the turquoise blue sea, let’s find those amazing fabrics on the bright white seabed and come out refreshed and renewed.

Happy week, dear friends!

P.S. I hope the talented photographer Christina Mittermeier wouldn’t mind that I’m using her photo from Morondava beach, Madagascar, to illustrate my dream, because it looked and felt exactly like that! And I encourage you all to check out her photos from around the world on her Instagram account or website. It’s absolutely worth it! www.cristinamittermeier.com



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  1. That is an amazing dream, and you’ve narrated it so well (with pics). I love when I get a good dream and the lingering happy feeling after waking that stays. It is so personal, like it is difficult to explain or others to understand.
    Thanks for sharing that piece.

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  2. Another excellent post ♣️

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  3. Jaden Garland March 19, 2017 — 00:08

    Reblogged this on JADEN GARLAND.

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