Salty Sunday: Sea Glossary #7

Seventh Salty Sunday with Little Anna and her royal and loyal friend – dog Ulysses. While taking sea notes from books I read, I have a growing list of words – how writers describe sea. My first list is from Homer’s “Iliad” – almost 3000 years old book. I found more than 20 different words, how Homer describes the sea. Each and every Salty Sunday I publish a new word from my list.

In previous weeks the sea was tumultuous, murmuringfish-filled, Little Anna traveled the watery ways of the sea and saw a divinely bright sea. Last week our friends rode the beautiful broad back of the sea and felt safe.

This week Little Anna meditates on something so obvious yet wonderful. She experiences the wetness of the wet water. Yes, Homer really did describe the sea as wet. At least in translation by Caroline Alexander. In Chapter XIV there is a line where goddess Hera says to her husband Zeus before going to meet Ocean, the source of the gods, and mother Tethys, the sea-nymph: “My horses are tethered at the foot of Ida of the many springs, / who will carry me over the dry land and the wet sea.”

“Dry land & wet sea…” thinks Little Anna, how simple and beautiful it sounds, while the salty drops of water fall back into the sea from her hands and wet hair.

bbb_LittleAnna_7_WET SEA

The true power of the Sea Glossary will be vivid later, when Little Anna will have a collection of so many words, how to describe the sea, by many different writers. Linguistic fabric of the sea.

Till next Sunday!

P.S. On Valentines day a crocheted Little Anna saw daylight. You can have one too, if you wish, and take her to the seaside ❤

Who is Little Anna and what is her Sea Glossary?


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