Origami of Mind


It sounds too sweet for a salty girl like me, but you create what you focus on. Again and again I experience proofs for this antique advice. Miraculous coincidences can become gifts if you notice and appreciate them like hidden gems of daily life.

Although I decided not to work in that field anymore, I’m always breathing art. I grew up playing on the floor of the artist’s studio, my bloodline is painted in beautiful colors. When it’s not the best weather to visit the seaside, we ride to the city just for a short visit and hide inside galleries. When there’s no one else around, who could steal the mysterious aura of witnessing a wonder. Yesterday I meditated between origami birds, floating on air. Today we went to the seaside and saw three seagulls drifting somewhere between the gray sky & the gray salt sea like origami paper ships.




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  1. I love you writing style ❤ Calm and pretty 🙂

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  2. So poetic, beautiful 🙂

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  3. Could you elaborate on your idea that you create what you focus on? I am not getting it, but it sounds amazing.

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    • There are many Buddha quotes, for example: “What you think, you become.” If you think bad things, bad things start to gather around you. If you focus on good things, you see more of them around you. Mind works like filter, it can’t process everything that is out there. So it filters. But you can make this filter concentrate on great things, and it seems after a while that the world has changed.


      • An interesting concept. I had not thought of this before and will have to give it some thought. As a nurse, I can tell you that your body filters sensations and chooses which ones to focus on or you would be overwhelmed by sensation. Solomon said, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” Proverbs 23:7. Beliefs do seem to be the main strings of our filters when it comes to the mind. Thank you for this.

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      • Thank you for your comment. It’s really interesting to hear it from your perspective. As it seem the mind maybe works similar to the body. Beautiful quote.


    • Beliefs are the main strings of your filter, so to change something around you, sometimes it’s good to change your beliefs a bit.


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