“It’s Usual Quiet Self”


As far as I know, there is at least one diver among the readers of Beach Books Blog. It’s an honor to have you there, on the other side of the screen. When the sea is clear and the day is sunny, I love to dive with my eyes open, to touch the golden palate of seabed with my fingers, but not in deep waters, I’m not a professional diver. But as Greg Dening aptly put it: “Other people’s skills make one humble.” Being humble is the best position a curious writer can have. One of the drawers of my Enseaclopedia is filling with words about diving experience. I already shared a beautiful quote from one children book about Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Now I’m reading the novel Breath by Australian writer Tim Winton. The main character, a teenage boy Bruce Pike, is a bit scared to surf a massive wave, called Old Smoky, but his surfing guru invites him to dive around a bit before, to have some fun, because under the water Bruce feels almost as good as a fish. All the fear and stress disappears, and he says:

“Down here the sea was it’s usual quiet self, all sleepy-dim and familiar. Some kind of animal recognition jolted me back into myself. It was only the sea, the water.”

Tim Winton, Breathe

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