Can’t Surf with a Cardboard


via Daily Prompt: Ruminate

I’ve come a long way to where I am now. To where I wanted to be. Here in a house by the sea with my loved ones and with time as a currency that I spend with mindful and meaningful care. Away from so many places, so many events and things. Away from so many people. I decided to leave because it was the only way to return. Sometimes the longest road is the shortest way to your heart. I left all the cardboard boxes I had put myself into and let myself grow under the vast sky, to patiently wait when the heart will start to bloom. To find that unique and precious key and take a good care of it. Everything I’ve found so far is meaningful. Close friends have become even closer. My family is a never ending love affair with each and every one of them. But in this bright light I keep stumbling on some tiny boxes that are still left in the corners of my mind… when I fall in any one of them, I’m so fuckin’ squeezed. I suffocate from old thoughts and mind loops that I ruminate again an again for a couple of more days. Until I recognize that I’ve just slipped into an old shoe box full of worn out beliefs. I grab my orange beanie, say bye to the cardboard boarders still trying to squeeze me, and go back to my life by the sea. Some may put me in a box with a tag that says outsider. Maybe. But I’m an insider of my heart. While I’m living away, if looking from others’ point of view, I’m sending love letters to those I love. I don’t ruminate any cardboard anymore. At least I try to be hawk-eyed enough not to stumble. I adore so much the enormous world I’ve discovered. And the salty smell of the sea in the morning.



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