Selfish Secrets


There are cultures that still believe that photography can steal your soul. One day I was by the river and saw an amazing view. I didn’t have a camera with me, my phone is not smart enough for tasks like these. And if I would have a possibility to take a picture, I didn’t have any social media at that time to share it somewhere. I was standing there, looking at this amazing view, and thought to myself – why did I even think that it is not enough to just be there and see it by myself? To just enjoy and remember it? Why it’s not enough? Sharing is a beautiful word. You have a loaf of bread and you share it with others. You are not selfish, you are kind. What about now? We share our stories, we share our thoughts and world views, we share or dreams and ideas. We share everything we see and do. Is it selfish or kind? Sometimes I really don’t know. From the reader’s perspective I’m immensely inspired by so many things out there, that are shared by others. I follow their stories and they resonate with me. But at times it takes a great deal of discipline to not to spread yourself too thin, not to be a sponge of everything. To remember, what is yours, to remember why are you here, to leave everyone else alone, and selfishly immerse yourself in that beautiful view and keep it a secret. It’s just between you and the planet.

“Geez, I wish we had a camera, he said afterwards, as we chugged back through the forest. It was so good. Shoulda got a photo.

Nah, said Sando. You don’t need any photo.

But just to show, to prove it, sorta thing.

You don’t have to prove it, said Sando. You were there.

Well, least you blokes saw it. 

My oath, I said.

But it’s not even about us, said Sando. It’s about you. You and the sea. You and the planet.”

Tim Winton, Breath


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  1. being one with the environment is a selfless act

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  2. Some best things are captured in memory. 🙂 When i do the hashtags in IG i felt that i’m doing a very impersonal act. 😦

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    • I’m on Instagram for two or three weeks now, to share the Little Anna’s travel stories, when she will have them, but sometimes it’s a struggle to manage being honest and sharing it far enough. But I know and believe that we are stronger then medium 🙂 And can share our message well enough, if we keep the balance of our hearts.

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  3. Beautiful Post…can i going to share it…what will you say to me…selfish or ?

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  4. Sometimes, everyone’s so caught up in sharing with social media they forget why they were there in the first place. Thank you for the reminder in this post – that it’s always best to just appreciate what you have, and enjoy the moment.

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  5. That’s my favourite of all your post. Thanks for sharing the thoughts on sharing.

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