“Song of the Sea”

songofthesea“Song of the Sea” 2014
By Tomm Moore

Beautifully animated movie Song of the Sea by Irish filmmaker Tomm Moore. This is a second feature film of his co-founded studio Cartoon Saloon, and both were nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

Song of the Sea has that strange taste of the sea that we must not forget. Mysterious, melancholic and sad. This is the side of the sea that is also filled with so many legends and tales. Song of the Sea is rooted in Irish folklore about the sea, selkies, giants and fairies and all-powerful sea deity Manannán mac Lir. It’s a story about a family that lives on the shore, father is a lighthouse keeper, but mother disappears one night leaving behind a newborn daughter and an older sun. When the daughter turns six, kids go on a magically melancholy adventure to save themselves and bring happiness back home.

The animation is gorgeous, it’s hand-drawn and so very beautiful like from your favorite fairytale books. The soundtrack is hypnotizing. And the gloomy palette changes in the end, when the spirits are brought back to memories and glow in a golden happiness. It reminds how crucial it is to sing the songs of our ancestors, to keep the memories alive, to believe in legends, so the sea wouldn’t turn into a vast void, a wet obstacle for a ferry to travel from point A to point B.

It’s my mission as well – to sing the songs of the sea.



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  1. I missed that one. Nice one It is on my list.

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