“Yes, I do.”

bbb_146via Photo Challenge: The Road Taken

My road, taken a year ago, is the watery road of the sea. Though when you realize something, it usually opens your eyes towards the past as well. If the road taken is the right one, and I believe it is, it all somehow make sense. My bloodline is quite salty as both grandparents from mother’s side come from the open sea coast of my homeland. Also my father has spent all his childhood holidays on the beach. He was the kid with a chocolate skin color in summers. Nothing much has changed. But it took me 31 year to realize this calling. A few months ago I went through an old box of photos and to my surprise found this one, taken 12, 13 or 14 years ago. If you look closely, there is even a pierced little hole on the upper side of the photo. It was pinned to a wall of my room when I lived with my parents. I know, it would be silly to add a special meaning to all the photographs where I am by the sea. It’s not about that. But this image seems so affirmative about my road taken. The road that gives meaning to all the previous paths.

“Yes, I do.”

The Road Taken



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  2. The photo evokes wonerful memories

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