“There’s a danger that the study of the ocean falls into hands of those who’ve never seen the sea,” once said the ocean scientist Willard Bascom. I love reading about the sea, because it gives me the ability to see more, like some wonder glasses that let you behold many dimensions that you weren’t even aware of before. I love to write about the sea, because it’s a conversation. But there’s nothing as good as just being there. Nothing can substitute the feelings you experience in its vast presence.

This morning I was spring cleaning my kitchen, but the sun started to shine so brightly that I just couldn’t resist. I finished what I was doing very quickly, packed hot tea and camera and went to the sea with my two years old. All the way down the sun was shining bright in big blue sky above us, and I wondered what the sea will be like today. I never know, until I see it. Here she was. Tranquil and blue gray, with stormy clouds slowly approaching. The water wrinkled with gentle waves. Silence and presence. Glad I saw you today.




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  1. Harold Rhenisch March 2, 2017 — 15:17


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  2. I already wanted to return to the beach but that makes me want it that much more. I’ve got a month to go before I can visit next. Beautiful photos.

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