Let’s Map the Seas!


As I keep receiving questions “What with those dolls!” I think I have to write a note here. About my utterly crazy idea. I want these crocheted Sea Princesses to find many new owners all around the world. No, it’s not a business plan. I wish it was, but I’m more of a dreamer. LOVE IS FOR FREE! ❤

So I’m willing to create Little Annas and send it to you, and you, and you too. All I want back is your promise that you will take her to the sea or ocean, that you will go with her to the beach and take a sea-selfie of Little Anna. & Send it to me.

My Instagram and Beach Books Blog will be so salty with all those pictures of Little Anna enjoying her time by many different seas all around our blue planet! Just to show, how beautiful it’s salty side is! Seas don’t divide us. “Sea, the great unifier,” once said Jacques-Yves Cousteau. I really believe in that. And want to make it vivid with these beautiful Little Annas that I create with all my love.

PS I would crochet them anyway, so why not to let them leave my Sea Studio and travel the seas! So – if you want to be the guardian of her, and you promise to take her to the sea or bay or lagoon or ocean – let me know 🙂 beachbooksblog@gmail.com or here in comments.

First eight Little Annas are reserved, some of them already traveling in large envelopes to their destinations all around the globe. Who will get the #9, #10 and many others? Thrilled to know! ❤ Do not hesitate to send me salty “ME!” 🙂



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  1. I would be happy to receive a Little Anna. My parents in-law have a unit at the beach (on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia) about an hour from where we live. We often holiday there so could take Little Anna to the beach there.

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  2. I live 3 kilometres away from the Med in Spain’s sunny Costa Blanca. This is our quiet local Blue Flag Playa.


    Wearing jumper, jeans, hat, and slippers Anna would look rather out of place. Even worse, she would quickly dehydrate and end up in the nearest hospital…

    Not the best choice of clothing for a day out by the sea!

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    • Hahaha… True! And funny. But she loves all four seasons and all different seas. Sunbathing is just one of many dimensions of life by the sea. I suppose she is more like a sailor who is rarely seen in bikini and prepared for all kinds of moods of the sea. She is curious as I am, living by the sea and seeing it in crazy days, rainy days, windy days and nights. I used to worry about her getting wet, never though of dehydration, but thank you for your comment and care! Loved it 🙂 Besides it’s never been a goal for a Sea Princess to blend in with the crowd.

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    • I checked your blog. I think that’s amazing that you’ve lived on a boat for some time. I would love to send one Little Anna to the sunny side of Spain. I still believe she would look great there on Blue Flag Playa 🙂 Just let me know.

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      • Thanks, I like reading your blog too, must be the sea connection! Yeh, we lived full time afloat for about 5 years! Had a great time till we both became disillusioned with it. Having moved away from our friends to another marina it was never the same, and we got round to thinking the boat was cursed and so were we. Engineers practically lived onboard with us, and they too believed the curse!!!
        Everything you could think of went wrong with it or broke, even new things would only last for a while then die! A real money pit, we spent thousands on it.
        So I left the last year or so of life afloat on my blog so people could understand our transition and why! It took a while, no point rushing into a new life abroad, but we did it!
        Aside from living on a boat, all my life I´ve lived within 15 miles of the sea!
        PS: I´ll ask one of the life guards if Anna can sit on his chair (with lots of sunscreen on lol.
        Nice to meet you!

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      • 5 years is actually a very long time, glad you had the courage and passion to move forward. Nice to meet you too, wish you all the luck you need! and the Post Scriptum is great :))

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