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Ten years voyage of Homer’s Odysseus is about returning. “All Odysseus wants to do is make it back to his  wife, son, and home,” writes Thomas Cahill in his book Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea. We are living in an age of travels, an age of wanderers. The possibility to see so many beautiful corners of the world, to visit so many different cultures is truly amazing. I’m on Instagram for a couple of weeks now, and many most favorited accounts are filled with mind-blowing travel pics. To travel is an obvious mantra. It’s also an antidote for routine. My Little Anna doll has the same urge – to travel the seas and to show, that sea unites all the continents, all the islands. I really love our big blue planet. But for the last couple of years I’ve understood the power of home. Maybe it will sound old fashioned to stay in one place for most of the time and find happiness in it, but I start to understand the belief of ancestral tribes that your land is holy. Not in a religious manner, but as finding your own power plug. I’ve lived in many places since my birth, but now I live here – between river and sea, by the woods, just in a half an hours drive from the capital city, and I know, I’ve found my home in this strongly energetic sense. When I started to grow deep roots here, to find a golden self-sufficiency, the whole wide world opened to me in a completely new level, that I did not experience before, when being more of a nomad. I’m planning to see many seashores during my Enseaclopedic voyage, but it will be different than traveling in my past. The tree grows strong roots, but grows tall and wide with branches reaching the sky and no wind will blow him away, if the roots are deep enough. I know people are different and for some the heart belongs to constantly being on the move. But this is the story of me. When your gravitational centre is home, the traveling is no more an escape, no more a search for some kind of happiness somewhere out there. The traveling becomes a joy in itself with no need to fill some gaps or prove or find anything.

“To be happy at home is the ultimate result of all ambition, the end to which every enterprise and labor tends, and to which every desire prompts the prosecution.”

Samuel Johnson




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  1. So lovely! I couldn^t agree more. I’ve experienced the same thing these last years. Well, maybe a little different… I’ve actually got much less of an urge to travel than I used to. I love being home, in nature around here… it’s such a beautiful place… I still love going to the ocean or sea (since we don’t have one here), that longing remains. But I’m really content here. And when I do travel I love it but at the same time after a while I actually feel like going home to my cozy place 😀

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  2. I wholeheartedly agree! Great job describing the feeling. And also your instagram caption about books, fabulous!

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