My Yellow Bookshelf

via Photo Challenge: Against the Odds

I left my job couple of years ago and it’s been a year since I work only for my salty dreams where monthly salary is replaced with coincidences, surprises and gifts, all that income I didn’t expect. To dream of collecting all the books about the sea may sound crazy without predictable money for additional expenses. But I have a strange trust in quantum physics. So against the odds – here is my salty bookshelf so far. More that 60 books in a year. I can’t really explain that. Each and every book has its own story of how did it get here, in my yellow bookshelf. I must say – you just have to let it come. Some of them are really expensive, while others came from used book shops, from grandma’s library or even as special gifts. But the finest gift of all is the gut feeling. It feels just right.


Against the Odds



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  1. You’re making me love yellow more. ❤

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    • Yes, it’s a strange color. I don’t really like it on cars or in my wardrobe, but when I started to inhabit my studio, the first thing I did was to paint a phrase above the door with a bright yellow paint “More cheerful please” – it was a phrase that my son once told me when I came to him with an automatically grumpy face. That’s how it started – my romance with yellow in my sea studio 🙂

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  2. Hahaha, that’s cool. Yeah, we should be more cheerful. Yellow somewhat represent sun so basically we’ll love the color. 🙂

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