Trust the Stars


via Daily Prompt: Expectation

Can I have dreams without expectations? Can I have goals without expectations? I think I can. In fact, for more than a year I try to fly the heights with wings of no expectations. That doesn’t mean I don’t have an exact vision of where am I going. I have a blueprint of the deep blue sea on my pounding heart. Crystal clear dream that I can outline in one wonderful sentence. But I don’t expect all the details to match my mind. I have no expectations of exact timing and results. Oh no. Having expectations is like wearing a heavy crown, a pompous bling-bling in front of all-powerful Cosmos. All the steps you take seem sticky, the air you breath feels stuffy. You don’t need that. Let’s wear the fashion of passion. Let’s have curiosity instead of expectations. It’s not always easy. But you can’t go wrong if you grow strong in being free. Have an unclouded dream in your heart, but beginner’s mind on your shoulders.

‘Cos Cosmos has stars up her violet sleeve.




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  1. Reblogged this on Jerri Perri.

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  2. Let’s wear the fashion of passion. This is just what I was talking about in my blog. I get you. The heavy bling-bling. The messes of my life are brought about by expecting too much. When you maneuver your life to meet expectations, things just go berserk.

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  3. Thought provoking – Nice images

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  4. So carefree and i love it. 🙂

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