50 Shades of Sea


Moon, the magician, did abracadabra again and the sea has stepped back. Farther then ever because of that white wall that blocks the waves for a few more meters. It felt so strange today to stand on the beach and to hear the sea so very far away. There she roars like an angry beast, scratching her cold claws against the frozen fence. The sound drowned by distance. But how strange and beautiful the scenery was. Different tribes have different native colors which they weave in rugs and clothes. Colors that mirror the unique landscape of their home. Here in the picture is the striped rug of my salty sea tribe. Weaved by the sea herself.



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  1. “fifty shades of sea” very original as always😊

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  2. thanks 🙂 heard in news something about this movie right after coming back from the beach. so the title was ready 🙂


  3. Harold Rhenisch February 15, 2017 — 04:12

    Oh, so wondrous! Thank you.

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