Shadow of the Sea


via Photo Challenge: Shadow

What do we see in the sea if not ourselves? What do we search for in the sea if not a way to understand ourselves? If we recognize our shadow in the sea, we notice our mischiefs. The pollution without instant solution. We feel sad and ashamed. Can’t our bad trends be finally tamed? The shadow is our dark silhouette, but it’s not who we truly are. It’s just a flat abstraction of our blindness. Let’s start to see instead. Let’s see the mirror in the sea. The mirror of life in it’s fullness and colors. The mirror of ourselves. If you love yourself, you take care of the mirror image.

Let’s take care of what we see.

“Why did the old Persians hold the sea holy? Why did the Greeks give it a separate deity, and own brother Jove? Surely all this is not without meaning. And still deeper the meaning of that story of Narcissus, who because he could not grasp the tormenting mild image he saw in the fountain, plunged into it and was drowned. But that same image, we ourselves see in all rivers and oceans. It is the image of the ungraspable phantom of life; and this is the key to it all.”

Herman Melville. Moby-Dick. 1851



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