Salty Sunday: Sea Glossary #3

Third Sunday with Little Anna and her royal and loyal friend – dog Ulysses. While taking sea notes from books I read, I have a growing list of words – how writers describe sea. It’s not just blue, wet and salty. It’s so much more. The first list is from Homer’s epic “Iliad” – almost 3000 years old book. I found more than 20 different words, how Homer describes the sea. Each and every Salty Sunday I publish a new word from my list.

In previous weeks the sea was tumultuous and murmuring.

Sometimes those words are obvious. Fish-filled sea – who doesn’t know that? But obvious doesn’t mean it’s unimportant to notice. Embrace the idea how full of life the deep blue sea truly is. Sea is a home for so many beings.


The true power of the Sea Glossary will be vivid later, when Little Anna will have a collection of so many words, how to describe the sea, by many different writers. Linguistic fabric of the sea.

Till next Sunday!

“Say the sea. Say the sea. Say the sea.
So that perhaps a drop of that magic may wander through time, and something might find it, and save it before it disappears forever. Say the sea. Because it’s what we have left.”


Who is Little Anna and what is her Sea Glossary?


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