Happy to Sea You

The sea always greets me. Sometimes she shines shimmering lights in my eyes, sometimes she roars, but at times sits silently under the serene sky. I love to see what the sea will say to me each and every time I come. I hadn’t been to the beach for three weeks already because of the bad weather and trendy flu. Today I finally visited sea and she greeted me with a friendly high five. I took a step on the sandy beach and right at that moment was knocked down, hell yeah. Here I was lying on the sunny winter day on the sandy lovely beach on my sore right side. There was ice hidden under the sand, and I smiled at the sea – high five to you too, dear.

If someone wonders, what has happened to the image, some sea notes I pair with sea pixels



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  1. Nice! And thanks for answering that question!

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  2. Love the beach and reading about it!

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  3. Happy to see(sea) you too(two). I’m out in the beach tom, three. 🙂

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  4. Your write ups on the beaches are absolutely breathtaking. Here’s a nomination for you : The Versatile Blogger Award  – http://wp.me/p7Yjie-B

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  5. I love the line “she shines shimmering lights in my eyes. Well done

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