Trembling Bubbles


Daily Prompt: Tremble

Do you tremble in front of obstacles or because of those scary dark bubbles that cocoon the obstacles – all those stories and legends that accumulate over time and make everything look bigger to trigger fear? I really love one quote I want to share with you. It’s from the book The Sea: a Cultural History by John Mack. In one chapter he writes about Vezo people, semi-nomadic coastal people of southern Madagascar, and their approach to the sea which is much less angst-ridden than that of many other seafarers:

“Otherwise it comes down to not drawing attention to unusual creatures – whales, sharks or giant octopuses – by pointing at them. Taking an unusual interest in them might cause the wind and waves to get up and endanger the canoe.”

I’m not suggesting to avoid problems or become numb to global issues, but in the daily life it could be so much more healthy to not point all the time at the scary side of life and just deal with obstacles and sail further to the sunny side. We reap what we sow.




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  1. I agree with your point
    It’s better to spend time in joy rather than blaming

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