One Year

You, my dear reader, inspired me to understand that seas don’t divide. The sea unites us, wherever you are.

February 2 marks one year since my Enseaclopedic journey was born. It was a dim winter morning, I sat by the table, where kids draw during the day, opened Homer’s Iliad and read the first lines. There are many versions, how to translate them, but the meaning goes something like this: Tell me, o Muse, a story of… 

Yes, tell me, please! I’m eager to know the secret of the sea. I want to listen to all those writers and hear their stories about the sea. This is such a beautiful journey. The first year was filled with many personal discoveries and first steps forward. A year ago I didn’t even have a proper place where to write and just two books for my sea search – Homer’s Iliad and Joyce’s Ulysses. Now I have my sea studio on the first floor of our house. I have a growing sea library with 60 books so far and this beautiful yellow typewriter on my table. I have my routine, I have my dream. I don’t have an exact plan, but I trust my intuition and I read books.

Last but not least – I have Beach Books Blog! If someone would have told me that I will have a sea blog with more than 800 followers, I would probably laugh out loud. It really is amazing to watch this all develop and grow. From one tiny grain of sand in my hand.

Although I don’t write my book on Beach Books Blog, it still has an important place in my voyage. It’s a diary, a notebook, but it’s much more than that. If at first it felt so clumsy and strange to blog at all, that I didn’t even make it public for the first two months, then now Beach Books Blog is like a heartbeat of my journey.

You, my dear reader, inspired me to understand one thing. When I explore all those many different tiny colorful flags in the stats, some from really faraway coasts, I realize that seas don’t divide. The sea unites us. Wherever you are.

February 2 is also James Joyce’s birthday and a release date for “Ulysses”. 135th for Joyce! 95th for “Ulysses”. We have a reason to celebrate. Cheers.

You can read here, why I love “Ulysses” so much.



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  1. Congratulations! I’m glad you decided to blog!

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  2. Happy year! I hope it’s been a good one for you. 🙂

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  3. Happy Anniv, more years to come. 😀

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  4. Well done. And a lovely picture.

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