Yellow Typewriter


via Daily Prompt: Yellow

I have a yellow typewriter. There’s a story how I got it. This summer I realized that I need a typewriter. I love to write longhand drafts, but fair copies I like to see typed. And I’m able to edit only a printed text, because I think with my fingers. So I realized that typewriter would be the most direct printing machine. Now I had a dream to find a typewriter that I would really like and that would function well. I found one on Etsy, but it costed so much, that I didn’t know, how could I ever get it. So I just started to dream about it. I imagined how I would type on it, how it would sound, how the ribbon would smell, I imagined it all so clearly, but… it didn’t manifest. Oh well. At least I had a yellow dream. The summer was over, I was visiting my mom and we watched a beautiful French movie – Populaire (2012). It was about a girl who trained to become the best typist. There was a scene with dozens of typists in one room, typing like mad, sheets of paper changing fast, and that loud sound of clack-clack-clack-clack. What a scene! And it was the best scene possible for the Cosmos to choose as a colorful background for my dream to come true. At that very moment my mom said she doesn’t have any idea what to give me for my birthday. A minute later I was sending money to Berlin and waiting for my yellow love to come home. Now I have a yellow typewriter. It’s a privilege to write on you.

Thank you, mom ❤





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  1. I never thought a typewriter could be the basis for a story that could be so touching. Very nice!

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  2. Wow I love your typewriter…. I want one too!!!! I am drooling right now

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  3. Wow, a yellow typewriter! I’ve never seen a yellow one! A very long time ago I learnt to touch type, and we all used to sit in a room together and clack-clack away. Is it easy to get spare ribbons for your typewriter?

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  4. Lovely yellow typewriter. My aunt used to have this junk type writer when i was a kid, use to type on it feeling an office girl. 🙂

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  5. Oh my God, it’s sooo cute!! *-* I want one, too!!!

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  6. I saw the film Populaire (2012) and loved it. Nice typewriter I love the colour. Have fun.

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  7. Cute the yellow typewriter…happy writing.

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  8. Hello
    Your blog made me think of the things that I really desired to have to pursue certain passions. Ever since I was a kid and could color, I always asked my parents if I could draw on their notebooks. I always drew my parents, flowers, suns, friends, and tried to draw cartoon characters. I didn’t realize that I have a really strong desire to learn more about being a better artist. My parents realized that I couldn’t put my pencil down for a second without finishing a new drawing every day. One christmas, my parents bought me a whole art kit with notebooks, pencils, crayons, and paint brushes. I still love receiving art supplies till this day. I loved reading your story on how you got your typewriter. I hope you keep writing and can’t wait to read more!

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  9. I really want a typewriter too because come on it’s good to try something new instead of sitting in front of a screen. I have a friend who knows some shops to find working typewriters, I might get myself one xD

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  10. Such a cute story. Enjoy your typewriter! 🙂

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  11. HEY! I have a yellow one too!

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  12. I would like a typewriter too…

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  13. I just bought a typewriter inspired on you post. Tks for bringing me this joy!! 😀

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