Reading is Breathing


I love reading books. I really do. For me it is a golden filter to stop polluting space with a rapid pace. Book is an anchor of time. I have finished many books in the previous year. More than in any other. But I still think I’m a slow reader, and I treasure that. Reading is breathing. I love to wallow on the warm tree pulp pages, to underline words with a gentle sound. Not to jet lag my soul, but to walk with my thoughts. Like a passionate wanderer I flâneur the paragraphs, then sit back on a margin and have a talk with the writer. I read and I breathe. No reason to hurry on those.




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  1. As a cyclist I have a saying, a mantra really: if you are in a hurry, you are going to fast. As you astutely observe, the same is true of reading. Reading a good author, i.e., anyone who is worth reading, takes time. Their work is to be savored, not slurped.

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  2. I think you r right 😉

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  3. I love reading too! Storytelling is such a beautiful art and getting lost in my favorite pages is a wonderful way to spend my day.

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  4. Nice ☺ I love reading… Reading is one of my hobby..

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  5. Reading is breathing. So much yes.

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