Good Old Sea

I spent this summer with famous Paris bookshop owner Sylvia Beach on my sunny beach reading her memoirs. She told me through the pages a wonderful story of her French friends one of whom had a pet mountain – a favorite mountain of all the others that he, André Chamson, was devoted to and loved to visit. He called it his pet mountain. I love this idea so much. It’s such a sweet and humorous way how to build relationship with the sublime and grandiose Nature. Although I approach the sea with respectful awe, no doubt about it, I also like to think of it as an old friend or – indeed – a magnificent pet, that I have to visit often, otherwise I start to long. My youngest one, my two year old son, hasn’t read Sylvia Beach’s memoirs, but each and every time we leave the beach, he never forgets to wave and say “Bye-bye, Sea!”

If someone wonders, what has happened to the image, some sea notes I pair with sea pixels



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  1. fall in love with that place..

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  2. I’m going to be honest – I balked when I saw the blue space. I thought my computer didn’t load! But after reading Sea Pixels, it makes a lot of sense. “Befriending” or “adopting” nature makes it more relatable, I think, and reminds you to treat it with respect! It’s a nice way of looking at it.


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