Dive Deep Don’t Die

“Dive deep, just don’t die” could be the main advice for those who are drawn to 12-mile reef in Florida like filings to a magnet, but don’t wanna drown. Just don’t mess with the Greeks, because they know – there lie the best sponges.

Creaky boats and beautiful sponge beads.
The marvelous big blue underwater world and extremely old school diving suits.

American adventure movie “Beneath the 12-Mile Reef” (1953) about Greek American sponge diving entrepreneurs has packed in everything. Romantic love between fighting families, the dirty way how they handle their businesses, the marvelous big blue underwater world, extremely vintage diving suits, a bit overacted acting and even a fight with a giant octopus, which was saved for the last seven minutes of the movie, and was so awkward, that even the Greek boy Tony didn’t tell anyone about it. Long story short – I absolutely loved this movie! With its creaky boats and beautiful sponge beads.

“Beneath the 12-Mile Reef” leaves you thinking where is it more dangerous – above or under the water?

Thank you, ENGLISHLITGEEK, for suggesting me this.

Leading actress Terry Moore – “Hollywood’s Sexy Tomboy” – on the cover of LIFE Magazine in 1953

P.S. This morning I found this blog post about “Sponge Capital” of the world which is probably the Greekiest Greek town outside Greece. Enjoy. I love that sponge bike.


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