Choreography of Love


via Photo Challenge: Graceful

This summer I had an epiphany that dreams or big goals can be like a room that you enter, or a garden, or a micro world, choose your own metaphor. It’s not just a red dot in the future. Yes, mastery takes time. To become graceful at something, you need to invest yourself wholeheartedly day by day. But it’s not a blind run with closed eyes that you plan to open only at the finish line. No.


Dreams and big goals are like a room you enter as soon as you know what you want to achieve. You already start to live in that world from the very first day of your journey. I really believe you can be graceful at every step you take, if you embrace it with choreography of love. You can embody love in each and every move you make.


There is nothing more graceful than the choreography of love. Is it the bowl you wash or the book you read, or the sight you see. You can climb the ladder of your life stumping and stomping. Or you can encompass your dream in every step you take. Gracefully.




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  1. beautiful pictures! love u !!

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  2. cute kids. It does not seems long ago when I was a kid I running on the beach in La Rochelle. I have to go back there some day. and also Ile de ré. Have fun.

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  3. Cute pictures & Fun atmosphere. Good times all around.

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  4. Beautiful photographs; I can almost taste the sea spray.

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  5. Bonjour je suis une jeune gabonaise je me prénomme dikinza La Joie j’aimerais en parler avec vous


  6. Cute kids 🙂 and Nice place, I want to go!! ^_^

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  7. beautiful words, amazing epiphany ❤
    we do have a choice, always

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  8. This reminds back when my parents used to take me to the beach. My fondest memory was losing my first tooth there. Lovely pictures, and an equally lovely post ❤ I hope it was a fun day out!


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