Soul on Loose


“What keeps hearts from falseness in this flat region / is that there is nowhere to hide and plenty of room for vision. / Only sound needs echo and dreads its lack. / A glance is accustomed to no glance back,” wrote Joseph Brodsky about his homeland by the Baltic sea with “zinc-gray breakers”. I live in “this flat region” by the same sea and I really enjoy vast flat territories. Sea isn’t exactly flat, it is always moving, but it gives the same freedom for my glance to travel far far away. There is something breathtaking in it. When I’m standing on the beach or on the vast plains, it feels like my heart is expanding to embrace this amplitude. My soul is on loose, running to the horizon like a foal of freedom. It feels so good. The same feeling I experience with a good book. I’ve never felt that reading is a form of escapism. Book expands the horizon around you and breaks your soul on loose. There is plenty of room for the whole world.



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  1. I absolutely love this picture and post! Gorgeous. I would print it and hang it on my wall 🙂 I’m a new follower. I read that you are writing a book on the ocean. Best of luck to you. How lucky it must be to live near it!

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  2. How nice of you to say so. It means a lot to me! I live by the Baltic sea, I call it – an arm of the Atlantic Ocean 🙂 I’ll be glad to hear more from you!


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