Ten Years


This is me in 2007. Ten years ago taking a snapshot of the open sea. I was having a wonderful week with my boyfriend, traveling the open sea coast of our country – Latvia. At that time we were together for five years already and it seemed such a beautiful achievement. This Autumn – 2017 – we will celebrate 15 years of love. We are married and have two sons. What a time travel! Back then in 2007 I was still living with my parents, studying Philosophy and working in a small publishing house as an assistant – it was my first real job. 2007 was a starting point of a beautiful and hectic decade in journalism and growing up. Now I know that I didn’t really grow up, I just grew in. Couple of years ago I made a decision to pull me out and to discover what I really want to do.


This is me on a threshold of 2017 – ten years later. Standing in front of a whole new world. Standing in a place where I want to make my dreams come true. I’ve always loved the sea. And I’ve always loved books and writing. Last year brought all the floating pieces together. Now I know that I want to write Enseaclopedia – a book about the sea in literature, and when it will be finished – to open a bookshop by the sea with all amazing books about the sea.

During last year I was testing the water, warming up and starting to see the shape of it all. I even created this blog to have a red thread that helps not to get lost or eaten by some villain. In February 2016 I started with a blank notebook, Homer’s “Illiad” on my table and a warm feeling around my heart and solar plexus area. This was something mine! A year has passed, it’s 2017, I have collected almost 60 salty books and started many many inspiring sea discussions with all these authors in my mind and in my notes, and with one of the most inspiring authors of my list I even exchange e-mails, let’s add it to the wonderful miracles of the previous year. I have a yellow typewriter, and, yes, I live in a house by the sea. I’m ready to continue my journey around the sea-world!


As I wrote a few days ago, I admire the old school idea of an apprenticeship. To diligently study craft for many years. To enjoy the process, but to call yourself a master only when you truly are.

“I need the sea because it teaches me,
I don’t know if I learn music or awareness,
if it’s a single wave or its vast existence,
or only its harsh voice or its shining
suggestion of fishes and ships.
The fact is that until I fall asleep,
in some magnetic way I move in
the university of the waves.”


I don’t know how many years exactly this will take. But what I do know is that I’m completely in love with the sea and I want to get closer to its ancient secret that still casts its spell so well.



Look, here are two photos of my last two visits, and the sea is never the same, it surprises me again and again. One day it is in a grey and cold anger, but a few days later twelve white swans sail in the sun. As Borges said in a poem, dedicated to the sea:

“Who looks on it sees it for the first time.

One more from 2007…
…and here is my oldest son at the same spot almost 10 years later


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  1. Harold Rhenisch January 11, 2017 — 00:10

    What a beautiful dream. A bookstore by the sea, yet. A sea bookstore by the sea. Stunning. I can imagine a grass bookstore in the grass. Beautiful. A rock bookstore in the rock. All of my favourite things!

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  2. Happy time travel, and happy 15th anniversary later this year. May 2017 see the fulfillment of your grand project.

    I found the Spanish-language original of Neruda’s poem:


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    • Thank you so much!

      In Spanish the poem sounds even more beautiful. Of course it does, because that’s the language the poet “built” the rhythm and sound in. 🙂 There is another Neruda’s poem I love. He has caught the movement of the sea on the coastal line so well. I’ll copy it in English:

      “There’s sea. / But what sea? / It’s always overflowing. / Says yes, / Then no, / Then no again, / And no, / Says yes / In blue / In sea spray / Raging, / Says no / And no again. / It can’t be still. / It stammers / My name is sea.”

      Thanks again for the kind words.


  3. A bookstore by the sea, Beautiful!!😘😍

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  4. You put in words what I have always felt about the sea and your fascination with all aspects of the sea revitalises a special place in me that finds a timeless connection with the blood of mother Earth. Keep it up and hi from here in down under land Australia. I love to visit your blog for inspiration.


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