Silent Museum

Ocean floor is an endless historical museum. Silent ruins of old ports and ancient cities. Wrecks of boats, ships, tanks and aeroplanes. All bloom in coral colors and wear algae fur coats. Stopped in time but so full of life.



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  1. Harold Rhenisch January 7, 2017 — 18:27

    Is the image supposed to be one big blue square of solid colour? That’s what is coming through today. Is that your goal?


    • Haha, yes, I know that wordpress posts usually have photos… but on Beach Books Blog all my sea photos are randomly changing in header. While daily thoughts come as small dots. I pick a photo and choose a color dot from it and add to the thought. Sea pantone if you like. And I love how it looks on home page. Sea in header and all this mosaic of (sea)colors underneath. For such a great photographer as you are – it could sound a bit strange 🙂 And your nature photos are amazing.


  2. I was in Tampa when I saw the new that 10 miles off the coast where the fishermen net gets caught all the time because the ocean there is not that deep for some reason and a sink ship was there with a treasure of $40 million . Gold pieces plus jewels and dishes and plates. So cool to see. The Ocean hold a lot of treasure hidden underneath.

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  3. No not that one mine they discover it I think 10 years ago. And it was at least 40 million. But the link you discover I heard of that one a few year ago. That they found it. I remember that one . They should put it in the museum for people to look at.

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