Blaaastonbury Beach

Freezing winter, cold wind blowing. -10 degrees Celsius. I went down to the beach. Just to feel the strong storm in my face, whirling sand’n’snow mix in my smiling teeth. It’s a blaaastonbury rock stage. Hell yeah!



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  1. 4 degrees in celsius in Paris and loving it.

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    • In 2016 I lived a lot in 1920s and 1930s Paris when reading about Joyce’s life and Sylvia Beach’s bookshop. I’ve been to many many European cities but I somehow still haven’t visited Paris. Will do that one day 🙂 Is it still forbidden to kiss the R.I.P. monument of Oscar Wilde? I saw some photos of this gray gloomy stone with looooots of red lipstick kisses. It looked so Paris!!! Will visit. I promise.

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  2. He is buried at Pére la chaise cemetery as you know I do not know if it is forbidden to kiss the statue. I missed that on when I went there. I saw Jim Morrison’s grave. It is a mess on his anniversary of his death a lot of people goes there. I will check it out Next week for sure. I will take pictures.

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