Bye Bye Monkey

Photo from the music video. Julia Holter – Sea Calls Me Home (2015)

The year 2016 was the year of the Monkey. The year of the Monkey gave me the key. To unlock the clock and to tame my time. To discover a dream that I know – it’s mine. One year ago I still didn’t know – what do I see in front of me. It’s the sea, the sea! Look at me! The year 2016 is going to end, and I’m totally ready for the new year’s weekend. I’m writing a book, I’m having a dream. And I know that it’s not just a strawberry cream. Or rosy glasses on some dreamy asses. Ocean deep gratitude is the correct attitude. I love to say thank you, I really do. To the big bright cosmos and to all of you. And no I don’t have a fknest clue why am I sticking the words with the freestyle rhyme glue…

Anyway wish you a HAPPY 2017!

Unlock your own Cock’o’clock.

I don’t need no one to follow, feathers full
Get up early just to charm unwaking souls
When the sea called me
When the sea called me home

It’s no wonder they’re shipping all my clothes
Wear the fog, I’ll forget the rules I’ve known
Look in cloud’s mirror
When the sea called me home




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  1. Good luck to you. May that be a great year for you.

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