That’s Nuts!

Polynesian Islanders of the South Pacific have a very special navigation tool – their testicles. When sailing a boat, they dip the scrotum below the surface of water to sense the motion of the ocean and navigate to desired location. Who needs a compass?



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  1. really? it funny.

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  2. Yes, I read it in Jonathan Raban’s brilliant book “Passage to Juneau: A Sea and its Meanings”. But there are also many articles on the Internet. I must agree with one comment that I found: “Now I can’t get that picture with Polynesian navigator out of my head.” Haha. Nevertheless it definitely is a smart self-sufficiency, also an ability to feel the sea quite literally and understand it’s nature with your own senses. Jonathan Raban writes that compass & other artificial tools that were invented – helped the sailors of course, but at the same time slowly destroyed this ability to “read” the sea. The modern sailor looked away from the sea to watch the abstract measurements.


  3. To ‘read’ a sea, we need deep mind. We lost it long ago. Not only sailor, we all looked each other from an abstract position. BTW you talked like a poet.

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