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Ten years voyage of Homer’s Odysseus is about returning. “All Odysseus wants is to do make it back to his wife, son, home,” writes Thomas Cahill in his book “Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea”.

Sea Essay #1

Why most of us are mesmerized by the sea? What is the magnetic secret that enchants us? What do we search for with our stare fixed to the horizon? When I haven’t been to the beach for more than a week, I start to get restless. But why?

Salty Sunday: Sea Glossary #5

Fifth Sunday with Little Anna and her royal and loyal friend – dog Ulysses. This week you have to grab your sunglasses because the sea is so divinely bright.

Quietly Watching It All Grow

For some it could be a fragmented nightmare. To write an encyclopedic book about the sea in literature. Such a vast subject, so many books, and encyclopedia itself is a fragmented form of writing.


Norwegian ethnographer Thor Heyerdal couldn’t swim and had childhood phobia from drowning but it didn’t stop him to achieve something amazing. In 1947 he crossed the Pacific Ocean from Peru to Polynesian Islands by a simple raft.

Marine Magnet

When I’m on my way to the beach and get close enough to already feel, not yet see the sea, the vast bright emptiness behind those dark pine trees, I always have an urge to start to run.

True Travel Talisman

How full of wonders were Gulliver’s travels although completely unplanned. Sometimes the shipwreck is a good metaphor for pushing your boundaries and discovering new worlds. I must admit I didn’t plan to crochet dolls.

The Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you so much, Nihasuri, for nominating Beach Books Blog ❤ Here are 7 truthful facts about me. And one writer that I nominate further!

New Book in Sea Library:

There are books that fall right into your heart. Tim Winton’s Coastal Memoir is one of those. I finished it too fast, like hastily unwrapping a generous gift and dealing with bittersweet hangover afterwards when all secrets are revealed.

Golden Hit

During the transformational 2015 I found the hymn of my heart as well. This good old song by Depeche Mode. The lyrics and video mean a lot to me.

Land’s Veranda

This weekend I read one of the most precise comparisons for a beach – land’s veranda. Although the author writes about Australians, the coast dwellers, I think it can be ascribed to many beaches around the world.

Salty Sunday: Sea Glossary #4

Little Anna travels the watery ways of the sea. It reminded me of what Jonathan Raban wrote in his Passage to Juneau: “For Odysseus, as for the Polynesian navigators .. the ocean is a place, not a space.”