Best Books

“Learn to love them, read them to yourself over and over again, so that not only the stories but the paragraphs, sentences and even words become familiar to you.”

True Pearl in a Shell

For two long weeks I was cocooned in my house. Both boys had a bad flu. Lots of worries, but lots of fun too.

Sunset Surprise Set

Almost every evening I sit on the wooden steps of my veranda and watch the most beautiful show in the world. The sunset.

New Book in Sea Library:

Big addition to my Sea Library – first complete history of the Mediterranean Sea, written by David Abulafia, one of the greatest living historians of the Mediterranean.

West Wind Wrinkles

I’ve got used to wind. I don’t try to avoid it anymore, I don’t try to hide from it. I even have caught myself smiling when the wind starts to mess my hair.

Vitamin Sea

I must admit I don’t go to the sea to drown some uneasy thoughts, I’m just in love with each and every aspect of it, with the full-blown freedom, but it definitely has changed me during past two years.

Salty Sunday: Sea Glossary #10

To celebrate the 10th Salty Sunday with Little Anna and her loyal and royal friend – dog Ulysses, I chose the most famous description of the sea in Homer’s epics.

Outside Outside

Winter is over and days are getting longer and longer and I linger and linger outside till it’s too late to stay and bye bye green grass blue skye white sand I say bye bye sea, see you tomorrow I say.

River Ripples

Yesterday evening we painted ripples in our river with sun bleached reed brushes. Since I read the book How to Read Water by Tristan Gooley, I notice water everywhere I go.

The Same Sea, Ever-changing

This has been my first year (from spring to spring) when I have visited the sea as much as I could in all four seasons. In a good weather, in a bad weather.

Little Anna on Tonquin Beach

Greetings from Little Anna #2! Here is a photo of her on Tonquin Beach, in Tofino. That’s in British Columbia, Canada. Although it rains, the wild view looks so sublime. Thank you, Amanda!

Ancient Sandbox

When my first son was born, we lived in a crowded city and visited a playground in the park. Although it was fine and fun, I feel fortunate to take my youngest now to the most beautiful sandbox in the world.